Indonesia – a country rich in culture & flavours.

Do you know that nutmeg and clove are among some spices that are native to Indonesia? That is why we use them in our logo.

Our goal is to let you try the authentic Indonesian flavours in Singapore. The reason for creating HomeRasa is very simple, we want to bring the most original and homely products to everyone. To some of you, these items are a reminder of home, while to some others it’s probably new flavors to discover. Either way we hope that the products we carry may bring you comfort and joy.

At HomeRasa, you will be able to find unique and tasty Indonesian supplies. All the products we bring in will be able to give you a Home Rasa “taste” from our home country, Indonesia.

We save you the hassles.

Love from the HomeRasa team.

Christa Tuna

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The Munching Queen

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Ellenka FiberCreme

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LEMUNGSURe Blarak Coconut Sugar Granule

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Kroepoek Waroeng - Indonesian raw cracker

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